Viseu – Mangualde – T20 Hotel with pool







Hotel with 20 rooms, already with a re-qualification project for 40 rooms, maintaining the originality that characterizes it worldwide. It also has an approved project for a very high quality senior residence.

Outside, a fantastic leisure and social space, with a swimming pool for adults and another for children, supplied by three mines of pure thermal water and a small support bar.

The gardens, the groves, the staircases and fountains carved in the natural stone where it is inserted, fruit trees and a vine with grape varieties from the region, are an integral part of this hotel, as well as a Centennial Chapel in honor of S. Sebastião with a magnificent view over the building and with Serra da Estrela as a backdrop.

It is a noble building with carved stone arches and good areas.
We find fountains adorned with tiles, swimming pools and leisure areas.

An idyllic setting involved with a comprehensive view of Serra da Estrela.

The project comprises about 6 hectares of land and also several buildings and houses, with the possibility of being restored, thus allowing to increase the capacity considerably and to develop numerous extra activities for a greater exploitation of rural tourism, which has registered a strong demand in the region.

Possibility of exploitation of thermal waters, namely, bottling and marketing.
We realize that we are facing a truly unique space, full of history and culture, with a huge potential for profitability.

Eligible for Golden Visa.

Inquire for details upon interest.

€ 1.600.000


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